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    Nº6 Parque Cultural Valparaíso

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    SHOWS 2020



    "Die Oper #2"

    IN DEN SEILEN (VOM ENDE) Nach Motiven aus Monteverdis »L’incoronazione di Poppea«


    World premiere at the Kunstfest Weimar

    11. und 12. September 2020
    Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, Großes Haus





    11.Jan Aug. in Goethe-Institut Tokyo

    ”NEW KOJIKI”(Premiere)

    20.-24. May

    OPEN AIR in Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

    Performing Arts Festival Berlin


  • Videos


    Nov.2003 Tokyo "Mieko Fuji Modern Dance Recital"
    Nov.2017 in BRIC,NYC
    Nov.2017 in Gibney Dance Studio,NYC
    Feb.2017 NYC
    Nov.2014 Berlin "BMWi mark film" by Rekorder GmbH
    Nov.2017 Berlin "Erlkönigin" By EK
    Oct.2014 Berlin by Novoflot 
    Mar.2017 Gdansk by Amareya Theatre & Guests
    Oct.2017 Budapest by EK in Bakelit Multi Art Center
    Jan.2017 ,NYC
    Sep.2017 Berlin "G8,000,000" by EK 


    Documental Film : Ichi Go - From Kamakura to Berlin

    2015 Berlin

    Ichi Go is a dancer from Kamakura, Japan, who with 30 years made the courageous decision to start her life anew in Berlin, Germany, where she found herself as a dancer and as a person. This is a brief glance into her inspiring story.

    Dance: Ichi Go

    Video: Roxane Llanque

    Music: “Waterland“ by Roberto Cacciapaglia

    BMWi | Brand Film


    Production: Rekorder GmbH
    Director: Eric van Wyke
    Line Producer: Christine Günther
    Executive Producer/ Creative Director: Werner Klemm
    DoP: Stephan Fallucchi
    Agency: Dorten
    Creative Director: Paul Bachmann,

    Nina Raftopoulo
    Crew Berlin:
    Unit Manager: Sebastian Kolodziej
    1st AC: Kalle Klein
    2nd AC / DIT: David Schaufert
    Camera Assistant: Milan Braune
    Ronin Operator: Hans Goedecke
    Sound: Yannic Hermannsdörfer
    Gaffer: Andreas Schwab
    Light: Kirsten Stahlkopf
    Production Designer / Art Director: Adan Hernandez, Nate Bakes
    Stylist: Lotte Sawatzki
    Make-Up, Hair: Franziska Gottschlich
    Production Assistant: Lan Hirche, Piet Schmidt, Sarah Salzmann, Julia Vogler
    Making Of: Andy Abzah, Greg Kotler
    Picture Car Handler: Nikki Bomagat


    Die Wüstenwitwe / Desert Widow /


    2019 Berlin


    dance / live animation / electro music by ELEKTRO KAGURA https://elektrokagura.com/die-wustenw... 


    Dancer: Ichi Go / Ryota Maeda

    Music: AXL OTL

    Stagedesign: Yukihiro Ikutani

    Live camera: Bernd Kumar

    Construction: Andreas Heilig

    Kuroko: Tomoya Kawamura

    Video: Akin Si


    Waldorf Project Chapter Three/FUTURO​

    2016 London

    Dance, gastronomy and performance

    Music – Not Waving
    Choreography – AΦE
    Environment Design – Greg Shaw
    Costume and Textile Design – Elena Martin
    Spatial Design – Ana Lumack
    Performers – Yen-Ching Lin/Mami Izumi/Chihiro Kawasaki/Ichi Go

    Street Dance in

    Warschauer Strasse

    2013 Berlin

    IAA/Case Film

    2017 IAA Messe

    Produktion: Rekorder GmbH
    IAA messe, Frankfurt am Mein

    mayday heyday parfait by The Commons Choir

    2017 at BRIC Arts Media NYC

    Commons Choir


    Daria Faïn: Co-director and choreographer
    Robert Kocik: Co-director and librettist
    Darius Jones: Composer
    Anaïs Maviel Composer & Musical Director
    Tuce Yasak: Light Designer
    AshakaGivens: Costume Design
    Eternal Polk: Video Design
    Dov Tiefenback: Sound Design
    Saúl Ulerio: Assistant choreographer
    Martita Abril, Massimiliano Balduzzi, Ilona Bito, Yoon Sun Choi, Lydia Chrisman, Ichi Go, Alvaro Gonzales Dupuy, Antígona González, Michael Ingle, Aram Jibilian, Anaïs Maviel, Jean Carla Rodea, Saúl Ulerio, Drew Devero, Cecilia Woolfolk, Laura Colomban, and Fay Victor.

    "Ikutani SAN"

    Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018

    Stage Design: Yukihiro Ikutani
    Dance & Choreography: Ichi Go
    Composition: AXL OTL
    Media Artist: Akin Si
    Percussion: Fumihiro Ono
    Trumpet: Damir Bacikin

    Film&Edit Tal Peled

    With Jason Akira Somma

    2019 CPR NYC

    Media Art by: Jason Akira Somma

    Choreographed by: Ichi Go
    Performed by: Ichi Go

    Sound Design by: Linden Renz


    Jason Akira Somma
    Jason Akira Somma is a video artist and director who’s had work featured in museums and galleries internationally. A former dancer with a unique background in kinesthetics, fine art, and technology, his bespoke video feedback technique helps the performer engender new, environmentally informed vocabularies while weaving them into an enrapturing mosaic of light and movement. He lives and works in New York City.

    Street performance with Lucie

    2019 NYC

    performed with Lucie Vítková https://www.vitkovalucie.com/
    filmed by
    Gaia Squarci
    Jason Akira Somma

    FROM “I” TO OTHERS project

    2019 Ho Chi Minh

    1684kilomet Organization

    ÁI Văn Quý Ngọc


    Khai Ngnoc Vu


    Dung Thai Le


    Nam Nguyen

    (Dự án Diều Ngược GióProject Organizer)


    Granted by

    Asia-Europe Foundation(ASEF)

    Movement Research

    Feb.2019 NYC


    Thanks to

    Mei Yemanaka

    Chiris Cahoon

    Maho Takeshita

    Weronika Helena Woźniak

    Improvisation Dance-Developping Ideas Within Group

    2017 NYC +more

    Class Description

    The vision. This is what I want to see through dance. It’s visible.Actually everything is visible. So we can’t hide anything when we are in front of audience.
    When I dance, I found,
    “The soul makes me dance, not I do.
    Any moment I should not give any space for ego. This is what I focus on“
    So what we need to prepare? I’d like to suggest to focus on our energy and emotions. It starts telling our own stories. For that, we need imagination. We need practice. What we imagine would happen, you can travel in the space, can connect to the earth immediately. With a clear vision, it makes totally different quality in movement. I will suggest minimum choreograph or structure based on improvisation and expression. And I observe each personal movement and give you feedback. It’s a conversation. You could use your own language of body. We observe each other to fined connection between movement and ourselves. I’d like to make a playground and we could play in it and explore our own way.

  • About Ichi Go

    Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher


    Japanese/Based in Berlin, Germany



    English (Conversational), Japanese (Native), German (Beginner)



    Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, elements of Butoh



    Born in Japan, but having moved to Sacramento, California as an infant, Ichi Go began to dance just as soon after she could walk. When she returned to Japan she maintained her interest in physicality and movement, studying modern dance from the age of 4 with tutors from the Fuji Mieko Contemporary Dance Company, with whom she performed from the age of 19 to 21. This intense, immersive tutelage and involvement with one of the most illustrious Japanese contemporary dance companies gave her a steady foundation on which to construct her personal style. For several years in her mid-20s, she was forced to stop dancing professionally and pursue other means, but in 2013, feeling a renewed sense of passion, she decided to move to Berlin to focus once again on establishing her artistic practice as the centerpiece of her life. Since then, she has worked extensively as a dancer both in the EU and internationally. Ichi has worked for clients and directors including Sven Holm (NOVOFLOT, Berlin), Jecko Siompo(Animal Pop Founder, Jakarta), Kadir Amigo Memis(Flying Steps Founder, Berlin), Sean Rogg (The Waldorf Project, London), Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii Art Labor, Berlin), Katarzyna Pastuszak (Amareya Theater & Guests, Gdansk), Daria Faïn(The Commons Choir, NYC), Christine Bonansea (Christine Bonansea Company, NYC/Berlin), BMW (Mark Film). She has established her own company, ELEKTRO KAGURA.
    Her dance is characterized by the ability to develop a synchronizationwith her environment, an understanding which she gained from observing shrine-maidens ritual practices in her youth. She believes the body should be a receptacle, receiving and offering, sharing something which dwells within all of us.


    Leave me any message/question/request for project, performance and teaching training etc.

    Miraustraße 22,13509 Berlin Germany
    +49 3040744615
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